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It’s almost as good as being naked. At the end of the day, we want what you want: body positivity, emerging designers, transparency, and quality—all the good stuff, in one place. 

Why We’re Here

Our founder Cher realized she could rarely find a single retail store that supported young design talent, offered amazing quality, and provided great customer service—without having to sacrifice her entire paycheck. That's why after years of dreaming of such a destination, on her 30th birthday, Nudist was born. Nudist is a place where she curates everything she loves to her fashion-trained standards—all inspired by effortless sensuality and the freedom to express yourself. 


By Us, For Us

Au naturel is our ideal state, but when you have to wear clothes, you might as well make them good. We believe in pieces that won’t break the bank nor skimp on quality. We encourage those to express their sexuality. We mix elements of femininity, romanticism, and simplicity, while styling realistic outfits that can be worn from work to weekend. We live and breathe California, but take inspiration from the coolest girls around the world. In short, we got you.

Our Mission

Sexy is not what you’ve been told.
It’s about being you, in your natural state. We all start each day with a clean slate—from the moment you wake up, you can choose to be anyone you want, whenever you want.